Pop Sara Curriculum Should Be More Pro Active

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After reading the MPTC curriculum I have come to the conclusion that the POP SARA curriculum should be taught in the police academy. Both the addendum and the SARA approaches have its pros and cons and can both equally prove beneficial to academy cadets, but the SARA circular seems to be more Pro-active. For starters POP and addendum have similar characteristics where it comes to defining gang related activities and both rely heavily on the communities to help combat gang violence. Consequently, they share difference views in identifying gang members and also in the ways they ensure their efforts to fight back against crime in the communities are not made in vain after all the work. SARA has established goals and a plan in place in order to review their original plan, find its weakness and flaws and correct where they went wrong and the addendum does not. Moreover, the addendum suggest that all gangs are violent and some experts refer to gangs as domestic terrorist. It also suggests that most gangs have a set of rules, hierarchy set in place in order to keep the structure strong. But as we learned in the chapter 11 “Inside the Freemont hustlers” by Mark S. Fleisher of our gang text not all gangs members are involved in violent crimes, instead consider themselves a working gang instead. The Freemont hustlers have no formal set of written rules; no task must be completed in order to apart of the gang. The gang is simply all about making money for yourself and taking care of the neighborhood. The SARA curriculum suggest that all gangs vary in their(1) Makeup (e.g., race or age)(2) Activities (e.g., drug related and drug trafficking, predatory crime, violence) (3) Organizational stability, unity, and hierarchy (4) Propensity ... ... middle of paper ... ... prevent future middle school gang members. For example, I suggest that by conducting a community based program in which families who are willing to receive family counseling will prove to benefit a number of struggling families. SARA would allow such program to be implemented, tested and if need be changed in order to better help the families its intended to help. Consequently, I believe that SARA as appose to the addendum would offer cadets the ability to use what they learned in all their research methods course. There’s no point in going straight into trying to tackle on a problem with no logical plan. That is where I think POP SARA as a advantage on the old Addendum. Its pro-active and reactive as appose to being reactive like the addendum. It is this proactive approach that I believe our cadet at our police academy should be taught, as appose to the addendum.

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