Pop Hop And The Hip Hop Essay

Pop Hop And The Hip Hop Essay

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Every hip-hop/rap generation a lot new fresh upcoming aspiring rappers who wishes to go down in hip-hop culture as one of the greatest. Some of them are merely one hit wonders; others go on to silicify their mark in the Hip-Hop culture becoming great artists. In the year 2006 the hip-hop world was introduced to a future superstar by the named of Lupe Fiasco. Lupe Fiasco has become one of hip-hop fastest rising superstar ever since releasing his first album. Although many listeners find some of his music very controversial, yet Fiasco is one of the few artists whose music teaches people about current events that the world has turned the blind eye to, and Lupe lyrical trickster, story teller.
Born on February 17, 1982 as Wasalu Muhammad Jaco in the Westside of Chicago Illinoi. Lupe adapted his rap name because he had a high school friend named Lupe, the Fiasco part of the name came about because like how it looked on paper. At a young age Lupe frowned on hip-hop/rap music because of the message gangsta rap was sending to listeners with violent and rough lyrics. At the age of 19 Lupe was re-inspired by rap music after listening to Nas’s album “It Was Written”. Lupe then went on to form a rap group called “Da Pak”. The group eventually split-up, Lupe went on to pursue a solo rap career.
In 2006 Lupe first glimpse at fame, and recognition came after releasing his hit single “Kick Push”. Lupe’s first album “Food and Liquor” was a major success earning four Grammy Awards nominations. Lupe released hi second album “The Cool” in 2007 which was other success. However his third album “Lasers” was too mainstream for his avid fans, in Lupe’s defense his record label was holding the release of the album until he add more r...

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...music venture Lupe is an entrepreneur with his own clothing lines called Righteous Kung-Fu, and Trilly & Trully. Lupe is also an executive officer of his own record label First and Fifteenth entertainment. Lupe is involved in several charitable foundations that give back to the people.
From the moment Lupe Fiasco came into the Hip-Hop culture he has constantly making good music, educating listeners about history. Unlike other rappers that are involve in controversial dilemma and try to throw other under the bus for their trouble Lupe does not let others change his stance on issues, he stand by what he said. Maybe calling the President of the United States a terrorist was not a smart move for Lupe career, regardless of anyone’s opinions in the matter its Lupe opinion at the end of the day,. He is still one of the brightest superstar the Hip-Hop culture has to offer.

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