Pop Culture And Individual Identity Essay

Pop Culture And Individual Identity Essay

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Does what you like define your individual identity? To begin with, the definition of identity is the state of being oneself and no one else (Merriam-Webster). Your identity is what distinguishes you from other people. It is what makes you unique and extraordinary. Without a sense of identity, it would be quite difficult to tell people apart. Although everyone may start off with the same, blank canvas, as we age, we all go through experiences and changes that help contribute to each and every one of our personal identities. There are certain qualities that can define your individual identity. Your preferences, actions, and upbringings are what distinguishes you from others and help shape the unique individual that you are today.
A person should be defined by his or her preferences. In Brian Cogan’s article “Pop Culture and Individual Identity”, the author explains how much of an impact pop culture has on our personal identities. He mentions how certain types of entertainment such as science fiction, sports, and straight edge music can make up a part of who we are (Cogan). A person who is into science fiction novels is most likely someone who enjoys reading books or knows a ton of information about the sci-fi genre. Those who are into science fiction usually attend conventions or gatherings with other fans so they can dress up in silly costumes, make new friends, and share stories and the overall experience with each other. Sports fans are similar to science fiction fans in terms of being fanatical and passionate (Cogan). They also have gatherings where they can get together and watch a game with other enthusiastic devotees. An individual who enjoys playing sports is typically someone who is active and likes to be on their feet. N...

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...s are worth more than just a label. Labels do not define us; our preferences, actions, and upbringings do. What you like or dislike is a contribution to your individual identity.
From afar, it may look like all people are the same, but as we zoom in, each person can be seen as a unique individual. We are all special in our own ways. There are certain qualities that can define a person such as an individual’s preferences, actions, and upbringings. Each of these qualities is what makes a person unique and distinct, and gives us the freedom to be different. Every human starts off by having the same, identical blank canvas, but as we get older, our canvases develop into masterpieces that are unlike another person’s. What we like and dislike shapes us to be who we are today. If it was not for our personalities, actions, or upbringings, we would have no sense of identity.

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