The Pop Art Movement : Warhol And Marilyn Diptych Essay examples

The Pop Art Movement : Warhol And Marilyn Diptych Essay examples

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The Pop Art movement, centralised in the United States during the 1950s-60s, was a stage in the post modernism era in which the line between low art and high art was blurred and art was more accessible to the general public (Gambino, 2011). Andy Warhol was an iconic artist during the pop art movement alongside artists like Rauschenberg and Lichtenstein. “Campbell’s Soup Cans” (1962) and “Marilyn Diptych” (1962) depict icons from two different contexts and illustrate the theme of over consumption in post war United States. This essay argues that Warhol’s art documented the age in which he lived in. Specifically, these two works creates parallel between the commoditisation of a product and a person. The pop art movement is reflective of the societal situation in post-world war United States specifically regarding mass production, pop culture, and consumerism.
Figure 1. Andy Warhol (Mitchell, 1973).
Background of Andy Warhol
Andrew Warhola was born on August 6th 1928 into a Catholic, working class, immigrant family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Shanes, 2006). During his childhood he suffered from Chorea, a rare neurological disease which caused various physiological dysfunctions (Ho, n.d.), leaving him bedridden, he would spend time drawing, listening to the radio, and surrounding himself with pictures of celebrities. This period in his life heavily influenced his personality and interests which developed further into his career in art (Mackin, 2010).
Andy Warhol began his career after studying commercial art at the School of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh where he illustrated for advertisements and magazines, moving onto designing album covers before moving to New York in the 1949 and building up his reputation as an artist.
By 1962, he ...

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...ld be replicated was fascinating and redefined the basis of art making.
Figure 4. Andy Warhol at Gristede 's Supermarket, New York (1962)
Pop art was an era in art history during the rapid social development in post WWII America. In an age where commodities were produced at a rate to respond to eager consumers who were revelling in their newfound wealth. “Campbell’s Soup Cans” and “Marilyn Diptych” both document the idea of mass reproduction and its role in the society, indicating the ideas in the 1950s-60s American culture. Growing families demanded appliances and products, entertainment was in high demand, and through visual media advertisements were continually created and pushed commodities and brands.
Andy Warhol’s artworks encapsulate the Pop art movement and the era in which it occurred through his choice in medium, technique, and subject matter.

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