The Poorly Informed Walrus Essay

The Poorly Informed Walrus Essay

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The Poorly Informed Walrus is a story regarding lack of communication. Old man had a very bad temper and it was known that he can take out his herd. Although food supply was low and the water levels were falling all of the members of his herd were too afraid to let him know. Eventually, a new herd moved in, making the already low food supply lower. Still afraid of the repercussions of the Old Man almost all of the herd left. The shocked Walrus could not understand why.

The Poorly Informed Walrus Case Study

Communication is defined as a process of sending and receiving messages with attached meaning; it is key to a successful personal and professional life. (Schermerhorn, 2012). With communication it is important to realize that it is both verbal and non-verbal. Unfortunately, like this story shows not everyone is successful in communicating their intentions successfully.
Communication can be hindered not only by individual perceptions but also by Interpersonal Communication Barriers that occur when individuals are not able to effective listen to the message due to lack of trust, ...

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Essay The Poorly Informed Walrus

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