Essay about Poor People By William T. Vollmann

Essay about Poor People By William T. Vollmann

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In the novel Poor People, written by William T. Vollmann asks random individuals if they believe they are poor and why some people are poor and others rich. With the help of native guides and translators, and in some cases their family members, they describe what they feel. He depicts people residing in poverty with individual interviews from all over earth. Vollmann’s story narrates their own individual lives, the situations that surround them, and their personal responses to his questions. The responses to his questions range from religious beliefs that the individual who is poor is paying for their past sins from a previous life and to the rational answer that they cannot work. The way these individuals live their life while being in poverty seems almost normal to them and Vollmann researches how that affects their perspective. He pursues to recognize that the cruelty, bias, and sexism outcome is not only in their dispossession shortened lives, but as well, to use his expressions, invisibility, addiction, and emotionlessness.
In the novel their came a time when Vollmann first met Sunee, he was in Klong Toey a town in Thailand. Sunee is a substantially wasted alcoholic housework female who possibly might be a retired prostitute. She drunkenly accidently comes upon Vollmann and urges him to go with her home. He follows her home and takes the opportunity to go forward and interview Sunee, her mother, and Vimonrat which is Sunee’s daughter. He asks them questions as to why the poor are poor and why they believe that their destiny is meant to be poor. Sunee answers, “I think I am rich” (Vollmann 27). Being as they are Buddhist and a follower in karma, Sunee explains that her unhappy life is a settlement for something she had done in...

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...fortunately people do and we need to understand how it is and not turn the other cheek on that topic. It is not common for an individual to try and be a poor person’s friend but he shows the audience how we can understand them and how different their lifestyle is from us. The people that Vollmann interviewed explain that how they sorrow is the same way any individual would show grief. The way these individuals live their life while being in poverty seems almost normal to them and Vollmann researches how that affects their perspective. He pursues to recognize that the cruelty, bias, and sexism outcome is not only in their dispossession shortened lives, but as well, to use his expressions, invisibility, addiction, and emotionlessness. To be rich is to have a family, shelter, transportation, food, and knowledge, anything more you are living beyond your needs.

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