Poor On The Great Land Called America Essay

Poor On The Great Land Called America Essay

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Poor in the great land called America!
No one should be poor in this so called land of America. America the land of free and the home of the brave! Living the American dream, now I wonder what that really means. Is it that it’s only a dream for most? When you see the homeless and working families struggle what dream is that? I am pretty sure the homeless did not see poverty coming their way. Those families that struggle to put food on the table are they living the American dream? So, I wish someone would give clarity to the word dream. See, for the homeless there is no hope. For struggling families there is always fear of losing what they already have. People say we need more jobs and this may be true however the fact of the matter is how can jobs really be created when nearly all the large companies chose to move their business out of the country for cheap labor. So this selfish move left many to take that plunge into poverty. The only thing that these companies are doing is raising the economic status in those countries while depleting ours. These big companies said that they moved because no one wants to work at those offered wages. It seems to me that with all the homelessness in this country some do not mind working those jobs because it is much better than what they are getting now. The middle class which is the working poor, they try their best to make due of what they have however, it is not enough to survive this expensive America. In this country in order to receive help a person must spill their whole life story and personal information and are still not promised the help. The homeless and the working poor are made up of a variety of classes. Some hold professional degrees but are unable to find work in their...

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...ing businesses where forced to shut down because their business was no longer needed and has been taken over by this computer age. Many towns and cities are facing financial crushes due to once being a profitable town or city. So what is America doing to alleviate this problem of homeless and the working poor? While America spends trillions of dollars to investigate the moon and other planets and what about that good cause called research of finding a cure to cancer and other diseases. With all that money not one cure has been found or at least they say so. When people invest they want to see results and people who cannot invest would like to see results as well. The way I see it is that the smartest and most talented may be sleeping in a shelter or on the street. You American do not see hope or dreams of revitalizing the poor and why is that? Because it is not you!

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