The Poor Conditions Of Being During The Lower Class Are Shown By Marx And Engels

The Poor Conditions Of Being During The Lower Class Are Shown By Marx And Engels

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All of these examples of the poor conditions of being in the lower class are demonstrated by Marx and Engels when they write that the “bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation” (Engels, Marx 16). The Dorrit family is reduced to their lack of income. The money relation that exists within the Dorrit family is the relation that William has not been able to pay off his debt which has put his family into the Marshalsea prison with him. It is not a direct money relation in this sense with the Dorrits. Where it is a direct money relation in the Dorrit family is in the last example provided, in which William manipulates Amy into an emotional relationship with John Chivery for material gain. Marx and Engels also write that the proletariat “live only so long as they find work” (18). This passage of the Manifesto is reminiscent of Amy’s work attitude. When Amy is removed from the working class, and consequently, the ability to work, she sees no real reason to live. There is no joy in her life and she is very melancholic for her old lifestyle which consisted of, as mentioned prior, twelve hours of work a day.
In regards to moving between socioeconomic classes, the Dorrit family manages to leave the lower socioeconomic class for a higher one when Arthur Clennam finds an inheritance for the Dorrit family and gives it to them. There is little good that comes of this inheritance to the Dorrits since it only causes more problems. William Dorrit is still delusional even after he has been freed from the Marshalsea and the issues of the lower class. When on vacation in Europe, the Dorrit family visits a monastery. William Dorrit continuously comments on the state of ...

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...nist Manifesto. It depicts class struggle through the characters of Amy and William. It depicts how poor the living conditions for those characters are, as well as the types of illnesses that they are susceptible to. Amy is even more of a proponent of the lower class since she is the one who is working unreasonable hours to support the family. The novel also depicts the problematic nature of those who exist in the upper classes of the socioeconomic realm. William Dorrit depicts the greed and lack of empathy that is present in the bourgeoisie class. Through this work, Dickens demonstrates that neither being in the lower nor upper classes of the socioeconomic realm are desirable which leaves only one option, a dismantling of the system as a whole. While there is still socioeconomic divide in early 21st century, there is no longer anyone going to prison for being poor.

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