Polycarbonate Eye Glasses: Safer than Glass Essay

Polycarbonate Eye Glasses: Safer than Glass Essay

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When people are under the influence of alcohol, using glasses in bars wouldn’t be a good idea, it would actually be pretty dangerous. After what happened to their client the bar decided to switch from glasses and glass bottles to polymer ones, which don’t shatter, they are so strong that they are bulletproof. “Doctors want drinks to be served in plastic to stop 'glassing'
Up to 300 people a week are believed to be injured when glasses are used as weapons in pub brawls.” (BBC, News, Society, Health) So polycarbonate is definitely solving a big safety issue. Glass used in bars is not the only problem, imagine if all the products used by kids that are now made of polycarbonate would be made of glass. Can you even picture a baby’s bottle feeder made out of glass? That would be extremely dangerous. Also other products that are now made out of polycarbonate made it a lot safer for them, like eyeglasses or cups. The qualities of PC are superior to glass in many aspects. Some of them are that polycarbonate is lighter and thinner and it provides UV protection. PC also beats glass in the eyeglasses category. Glasses with polycarbonate lenses were introduced when lightweight, impact-resistant lenses were requested. They are more effective than the glass ones because they are less likely to fracture. An important quality about polycarbonate is that in some cases it changed the way people live and their opportunities. For example, it made working and other different activities more comfortable. Since PC eyeglasses were requested, they became the standard “safety glasses, sports goggles and children's eyewear.”

Besides a range of glasses PC also gave people other opportunities: car headlights, projection screens, helmets and visors, CDs, (CDs...

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...r standards of appearance, sustainability and safety, which improves the eco-design standards. The E&E sector supports 25 million jobs and generates value added of € 135 billion.

The ‘Sustainability Concept’ is shown in the diagram above. For PC to be sustainable its long-term effect on the environment should be minimal. Polycarbonate is involved in the most important industries, creates lots of jobs, generates big amounts of money and even saves lives. The PC itself can be recycled, the only environmental problems that it causes is due to its dumping and the processing isn’t pollutant, so the environmental impact is indeed minimal. The social and economic impacts are positive as it help developing the economy and our society. As the environmental effect is minimal and the socio-economic effects are all positive PC is classified as Sustainable as the concept says.

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