Pollution Is The Leading Cause Of Water Quality Pollution Essay

Pollution Is The Leading Cause Of Water Quality Pollution Essay

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Pollution is the process of pollutants contaminating the natural surroundings (air, land, and water) and creating an unsafe and dirty environment. Pollutants come in many shapes and forms even light, sound, and temperature can be considered pollution when introduced into the natural environment. Since the industrial revolution pollution has skyrocketed and has finally reached its peak giving way to global warming and human disease. Pollution is not only destroying our environment it is also destroying the lives of millions of people throughout the world.
Each form of pollution has two sources of occurrence: Point and non-point sources. Point sources are easily identifiable and controlled ex. Polluting Industrial plants/factories. Whereas non-point sources are very hard to control and find what is causing the pollution ex. Rainfall or snow picking up pollutants and depositing it into water resources. Nonpoint source pollution is the leading cause of water quality pollution. Since the original source is unknown. Many are mistaken that most of the pollution found in water is from industrial pipes dumping toxic waste into water, but this point source pollution is controlled by the Clean Water Act and other laws.
Toxic pollution has affected more than 200 million people worldwide, with tens of thousands poisoned and killed every year according to Pure Earth, a non-profit environmental organization. Toxic pollution is one of the most underreported global problems affecting a lot of people; this is because of lack of data. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to the health effects of pollution. More than three million children under the age of five die annual due to environmental factors. Toxic pollution interferes...

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...inally converted into electricity. The only downside to wind energy is that it causes noise pollution. Solar energy captures the energy from the sun. Hydroelectricity is produced by the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. Many of the world’s dams are also used as hydroelectricity. Geothermal energy is produced by the Earth’s molten inner core.
Another way to help combat pollution is by the use of Electric care which is powered exclusively by electricity instead of gasoline. The energy is stored in the car’s rechargeable batteries. By taking out the use of fossil fuels can help prevent air pollution. One of many things us humans can literally do everywhere is to stop littering! Use green household cleaners and detergents. Opt for natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are washed away into waterways by rain and snowmelt.

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