Pollution Is A Substance Or Thing Harmful Or Poisonous Effects Essay example

Pollution Is A Substance Or Thing Harmful Or Poisonous Effects Essay example

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What is pollution? Pollution is a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. The importance of the study of pollution is to inform readers on the effects and how it can hurt your health. According to Peeples, “Air has gotten cleaner in recent years. But more than half of people in the U.S. still breathe dirty air enough to to cause health problems.” Most people who go outside expect to breathe in clean fresh air, but that’s not always the case if you live in urban areas because those places have many cars, trucks, buses, planes, and even factories that give off pollution into the air more than rural areas. Even though big cities are trying their best to help the environment lower the amount of pollution, there are still lingering amounts of pollution in the air that is breathed. What has been done to help the air has improved it because the air is getting cleaner from then all the way to now. Although if you live in more of a rural area there may not be a huge amount of pollution coming into the air because of less traffic, more open land, and more trees that give off fresh and clean air that is safe to breathe and won’t be hazardous to an individual 's health. Breathing in fresh air is very important to an individual 's health because fresh air is good for your lungs. If fresh air is not always breathed in then serious health problems can occur. For example, lung diseases, heart diseases, respiratory system issues, asthma attacks, and much more. Those are just some examples of some of the harmful effects of air pollution. It’s nearly impossible to change the world all by yourself, but it isn’t impossible to start somewhere because it only has to begin with one person who can bring others together to change the worl...

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... walking and biking places more and to avoid the idling of cars. Walking and biking is a very easy way to lower air pollution because if cars aren’t being used it doesn 't affect the earth in harmful ways. Lastly is to avoid idling cars, because when cars are on and just sitting for no reason and aren’t going anywhere it can put off pollution into the air. Always make sure to turn the car off and roll down the windows if individuals are just going to sit in the car.
In conclusion, there are many more ways to help the U.S. with lowering pollution. Many times people take the earth for granted and think it’s okay to just do whatever. It only starts with one person to make a difference and if that one person was brave enough to start then others would follow. Although it won’t be an easy process because there will be Americans who don 't care, but it won’t be impossible.

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