Essay about The Pollution And Water Pollution

Essay about The Pollution And Water Pollution

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The statement “Coal is our most abundant fossil fuel and, therefore, should be a major source of energy in the next 100 years.” is tempting for some to fall victim to its false hope however, I disagree with it. While it is correct that coal is the most abundant fossil fuel, that does not means that it is human 's job to use it up in the next 100 years. The human race should not use all of the coal in the next millennium because it will keep causing environmental issues, we could stretch coal usage for many more years, and, finally, because it is a nonrenewable resource. Coal is a nonrenewable resource, which means that once it is gone, it is gone for good. Instead of diminishing the supply of coal on earth, it should be conserved and can be used for many more years. Using the coal for energy graciously will give us better resources for a longer time.
Some of the environmental impacts that using coal for energy has are air pollution and water pollution. While burning coal for energy, particles and harmful chemical are taken away in the air. Chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide are emitted while burning coal (U.S. Energy Information Administration.,2015). These chemical, then, can contribute to health problems in humans and the greenhouse effect. The Greenhouse effect is when short-wave solar radiation is being readily transmitted inward through the earth 's atmosphere and the absorption of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and other gases, is weakened, which, in turn raises levels of carbon dioxide and is causing global climate change (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change., 2007). While burning coal for energy, it creates ash that can leak into groundwater supply and damages the amount tha...

... middle of paper ... occur (Chiras, D. D., 2016). Recycling also helps to lower the supply of resources. The definition of recycling is a process in which valuable products are collected and returned to factories, where they can be melted down and used to manufactured new products (Chiras, D. D., 2016). Recycling helps to increase the residence time of an object. Residence time is defined as the time a mineral or metal remains in use (Chiras, D. D., 2016). Creating limits, by means of laws or acts, helps to slow the process that resources are being extracted and used. Many laws, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, set tight controls on hazardous wastes, as well as requiring companies to limit their extractions to a certain number (Chiras, D. D., 2016). These types of laws help to not only conserve resources, but also to protect the environment from harmful elements.

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