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Politics of the People touches on a multitude of topics discussed this term. The article brings to light the issues in South America. Specifically in the Amazon, surrounding big oil companies, the destruction of land and environment, and the destitution of the people of Ecuador and how the people and NGO's have taken action to fight it.
In this territory of the Amazon according to Judith Kimerling, “the oil spills and contamination of this region of Ecuador equal or supersedes those of the 1989 Alaskan Exxon Valdez oil spill.”(81). What this means is that this area has been polluted greatly and since 1993 the inhabitants of this territory have been fighting big oil. The land is unusable with that level of pollution.
This land has been taken over by OCP's which are large pipelines running through the land to transport oil, this is a fantastic example of the industrialization of a 3rd world country. An NGO by the name of Accion Ecologica was one of the groups that early on spoke out in recognition of the devastation happening to the land.
The devastation of the land in Ecuador reminds me of a film about fracking I saw and how the people who lived on the land were the first to notice the problems with big companies taking over the natural resources. In the article they spoke of “large flames that soar through the sky, creating an immense heat and loud, searing noises.”(82). This is just one example of the inconvenience of the developing oil company in the Territory. Additionally the people live on this land have been speaking out and noting they are having health problems and that it is spreading to the animals, one man's home was destroyed by an explosion of a pipeline behind his home (82).
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Lastly the companies that go to these lesser countries to mass produce whether it be oil or denim do so because the laws are less strict and they see a loop-hole around taxes and fees and environmental laws. In the Texaco/Chevron case “Chevron's attorney argues that the local communities should blame their government”(90). I think that the people are already blaming their government but the at the end of the day the oil companies are to blame too. The goal of this whole ordeal was to “raise awareness among its partners about the struggles of other around the globe” (92). I would deem their goal as successful, and as oil companies continue to make mistakes whether it be bypassing human rights and environmental rights knowingly or just have neglected equipment and back up plans in case of a spill like in the gulf coast, the people of the world are aware now.

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