The Politics Of The Liberal System Essay

The Politics Of The Liberal System Essay

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Source one basically criticizes the idea of how liberal elections function, however with closer inspection, it can be seen that the author of the source is also hinting that the root of the problem is liberalism itself, he then goes on to state a solution to his apparent problem with the liberal system which enforces the aspect of freedom of the individual above that of government power. One of these such problems is the idea that intelligent people are not normally chosen from elections, the reason for this is that these intelligent people are not common and are often not given the chance to run as a candidate, although other problem is that the common people may not even recognise one of these geniuses if they did run as a candidate for an election, this is why these geniuses normally do not come out of the elections but instead are found because of their own efforts to make themselves known. The author finds that if these geniuses that are born to lead cannot be found from a liberal election, then the system needs to be changed or reformed to take away the freedom for the people to choose their own leader. This idea is a prevalent aspect of fascism, which believes that there are some people that are better than others and should be put in positions of power over others and should be given more privileges than those that are lesser than these people. This same idea however is in direct opposition to that of liberalism, which again wishes people to all be equal in rights and freedoms, nevertheless the source is analyzed it can be found that the idea that the author wanted to convey was that countries would be in a better place if the people gave up their right to elect a leader to find some that was born to lead.
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... rights will bring about communism in reality it would be drawing itself closer to fascism, but not to the extent of the other two sources. The reason for someone wanting this would be that in times of great struggle people look for ways to change their situation. One of these ways would be changing the structure of government however this can become problematic as there are some who would wait for this kind of opportunity to get into a place of power and abuse it, this can be seen all over history however one of the most prevalent examples would be World War Two. Another reason for wishing for the nullification of certain rights would be in order to feel secure as the general pouls would not have to worry about what to do. As long as people are aware of the dangers of the government removing rights then it will become much easier to avoid the tragedies of the past.

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