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Sustainability, as it pertains to the environment, seems like an idea that would appeal to everyone. The idea of conserving what we have, reusing what we can, and developing new ways to more efficiently use our planet’s limited recourses just seems like common sense to me. Unfortunately, our representatives in Washington D.C. have used environmentalism as a way to gain votes and divide the electorate. Responsible management of our planet has become as widely debated as gay marriage or religion in the schools. Like most social issues, sustainability has ardent supporters and determined critics.
Global warming has become the spotlight for both sides of the battle over sustainability in American politics. Supporters of legislation that limit green house gases believe, along with the vast majority of scientists, that humans are the cause of the accelerating temperature rise of our planet. Opponents of such legislation argue that the rise in annual global temperature is attributed to the Earth’s natural heating and cooling cycles. No matter which side is correct, it seems only reasonable to me to explore alterative energy sources because our planet has a limited supply of fossil fuels. “Repowering America” will not be an easy task but I believe it is essential for our country’s economic and national stability. So, what has kept America, or more specifically America’s politicians, from leading in what is possibly the most important dilemma facing our planet?
Strong public support for cleaner water, air, and soil began in the 1960’s. Public outcry and mounting scientific evidence pressured the Nixon administration and congress to propose the National Environmental Act. This bill, that “encouraged productive and enjoyable h...

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