Essay on Politics of Global Warming

Essay on Politics of Global Warming

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In 1997, nations from around the world congregated in Kyoto, Japan, in response to the global warming epidemic. At this conference, they framed the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty which strives to lower worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. While the Kyoto Protocol is an appealing solution to global warming for developing nations, as it better integrates the economy and lays the burden of emissions reduction on developed nations, the global community realizes that the Kyoto Protocol is not a reasonable solution. It's economic cost to the world economy far outweighs the environment benefits. Because the environmental effectiveness is questionable, the Kyoto cannot, in our opinion, be signed in its present form. We feel that delaying signing the treaty would be best left until more conclusive data and effective solutions for global warming are found.

Academic Standpoint

Our research supports that greenhouse gases have been increasing in the atmosphere at unprecedented rates for the past century. As of yet, no direct correlation between greenhouse gases and global warming can be found; however, increases in greenhouse gas concentrations and increasing temperatures trend parallel each other.

Even though we have yet to find a direct link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, it may be concluded that the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases are increasing at unprecedented rates and that the world may see drastic climate change.

Both these graphs illustrate a rapid increase in greenhouse gases. Since the Industrial Revolution, these emission have grown markedly. High densities of these substances in our atmosphere are believed to trap in sunlight and cause an insu...

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...2065. Upon ratification, we suggest that the treaty be seriously revamped. Developing nations must be included in the emissions reductions for this treaty to work. Also, the treaty must be more specific. As of now, there are too many loopholes for countries and other polluters to abuse.

In the meantime, we suggest that the world community engage in large scale research and preparation for the changes to be made. We suggest that scientific community develop a means of testing the effects of global warming that all the nations of the world could perform. This calibration of data through uniform means is almost certain to make our understanding of global warming greater. Also, we suggest that the global community create a panel of scientists, engineers, economists, and other strong minds to find more efficient means of production and energy consumption.

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