The Politics Of California State University Essay

The Politics Of California State University Essay

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California State University, Northridge is a conglomerate of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The students and faculty provide a suitable sample size of the American religious landscape: numerous ethnicities from different locations around the world come together and bring their religious practices with them. This nation holds great pride in its diversity and acceptance of others. While the concept of pluralism is something the nation would prefer to have as a common belief, different opinions are an obstacle present. The strong protestant influence in the American south and the discrimination of Muslims give substance to the belief that the U.S. is anti-pluralistic. Nevertheless, as evidenced by multiple project websites on the topic of religions in America, there is a growing sentiment for the acceptance of all religions. Referring back to CSUN, its students, and its faculty, we can see that the campus is a great example of the changing American view of pluralism. Evidenced by Dixie Dharma, Islamophobia papers, and the multiple project websites, California State University, Northridge represents the American ideal of pluralism as a progressive coexistence of multiple religions in a single location.
Dixie Dharma’s portrayal of Buddhists in the American south is demonstrative of the contemporary perceptions of a “different” religion in all locations, including CSUN. The Buddhists spoke about previous encounters with Protestants denouncing their temple in Richmond, Virginia and Buddhism in general, so the members hold a mutual understanding that they should keep their religious affiliation a private matter. While there were negative experiences, there are also positive opinions that members of the Ekoji Buddhist te...

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... from the conservative surroundings. The issues of Islamophobia have increased exponentially due to the actions of radical Muslim groups such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIL in the past 30 years. While the examples paint a picture of discrimination in today’s America, the fact of the matter is that we as a society are moving closer to an acceptance of religious diversity. As evidenced by the studies on the CSUN students, the common opinion on the matter is that students of all religions share no experiences of discrimination exclusively for their faith. CSUN is more advanced in its pluralistic values compared to the rest of the United States, due in part to the transparency that the college has regarding the different religions. Pluralism is slowly becoming the norm in the United States, due in part to the progressive ideas blossoming in universities such as CSUN.

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