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Politics In Texas Essay

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Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are perhaps three of the most prominent political parties within Texas. Within the pages of their party platforms, we see that each possesses a unique philosophy, with specific viewpoints and recommendations for shaping or reforming government policy. To be sure, the people of Texas face many challenges, two of the most compelling issues being the crisis in healthcare and in education. Not only are we lacking in these areas as Texans, but also on the national level. The parties’ stance on these two major issues defines them, giving us insight into the mind and intentions of each.
“Of the people, by the people, and for the people” heralds the Texas Democratic Party. As stated in their 2008 party platform, “we believe democratic government exists to achieve as a community, state, and nation what we cannot achieve as individuals; and that it must not serve only a powerful few (cite).” They believe government should serve the public interest, not the special interests. The idea that government should provide for the welfare of all is their central philosophy.
Texas Democrats extend this philosophy to the issue of public education. “All children should be able to attend a safe, secure school and have access to an exemplary educational program that meets their needs and abilities. All school districts must be adequately and 100% equitably funded. All Texans should have access to affordable, quality higher education and career education programs.” Clearly, they believe every child in Texas deserves a high quality education, and have outlined several propositions to accomplish this goal. Texas Democrats would like to reduce reliance on "Robin Hood" and instead utilize state revenue to es...

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... Libertarians share the same goal of improving Texan’s quality of life in the areas of healthcare and education, their proposed implementation of such varies along two major lines; Those for or against expansion of governments role in the peoples lives. Texas Democrats see greater government as necessary and good, and seek to solve these issues within the constructs of state and national programs,. Conversely, Texas Republicans and Libertarians find this position cumbersome, and fear that increased government directives are wasteful, and will inevitably lead to the loss of choice and freedoms. Personally, I have to agree with them. Life experiences have taught me that there is always a price to be paid for any service, comfort, or security. With respect to the government, we pay not only monetarily, but also with our freedoms, and that to me is much too costly.

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