Politics As An Essential Part Of Our Everyday Experience Essay

Politics As An Essential Part Of Our Everyday Experience Essay

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The study of politics is an essential part of our everyday experience and can be simply defined as a universal activity, although there is no universal consensus regarding such definition. Indeed, there are many interpretations of what politics actually is, and with disagreement come dispute. Of these interpretations, there are four main collectives: politics as the art of government, which is the traditional viewpoint; politics as public affairs which interprets politics being associated with public life (which itself is hard to define) and focuses on the state institutions; politics as compromise and consensus, where importance significantly gravitates to the way in which decisions are made; and finally politics as power, and power as the ability to achieve a desired outcome. These contrasting viewpoints all take into account different theories procured by different thinkers, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses which will be explored in this essay.

Politics as the art of government is referred to as the traditional view of politics, as it derives from the original meaning of the term which is polis in ancient Greek. This view of politics is reinforced everyday by simple conversation. For example, people are said to be 'in politics ' when they hold public office or ‘entering politics’ when they seek to do so. Politics is practised in cabinet rooms, legislative chambers and government departments, which can only be accessed by a certain specific group of people, often politicians and civil servants. This differs from other viewpoints such as politics as power which believes that it is practised through the ability to achieve a desired outcome. This traditional view ensures that politics is conducted within a framewo...

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... due to unlimited wants of people and the limited resources, which is advocated through power therefore another viewpoint may be more practical.

In conclusion it is clear that all four viewpoints have advantages and disadvantages to what would be the correct viewpoint of politics. It is clear that aspects of all these viewpoints fit into today’s society however many of these viewpoints would be hard to demonstrate in today’s political world as it is always changing and becoming more modern therefore all arguments could be seen as flawed due to keeping the political and public life separate, or by having to use compromise and consensus instead of military force or aggression. Overall it is clear that there are many viewpoints such as compromise and consensus and politics as the art of government would be idealistic viewpoints in a society however are not compensable

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