Essay on Politics And The American Government System

Essay on Politics And The American Government System

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Politics have been evolving and changing since our Founding Fathers created the American government system. From the evolution to social media and television, politicians have been able to reach a broader audience through varying mediums in various ways. Though these changes have altered the political battleground over time, rhetoric and communication remains at the heart of politics. While the ways we receive this communication has progressed, the effect it has on voters has remained constant. Rhetoric and political communication showcase political awareness, party affiliation and the use of persuasion by candidates.
Political awareness has consistently been a factor in the electorate’s opinion of the government. United States citizens have always experienced a fluidity of interest in the government and this is because of the rhetoric of the parties and candidates. People’s opinion changes based on how aware they are to the political environment at that time. “Highly aware citizens are more likely to receive the communications from political elites, but they also possess the ability to counter argue unfavorable communications” (Koch, p. 212). Citizens that are in touch with the current political rhetoric are more likely to hear differing opinions, but on the contrary, they tend to be more steadfast in their opinions and views and are able to use other information to be able to oppose what they hear. Political rhetoric for this group is powerful if the information the politician is saying agrees with what the elitist believes it is fuels their political mindset . If the rhetoric of the speech or interview opposes that of the most aware, it is more likely to be debated than just blanketly agreed with (Koch, 1998).
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...tial in our democracy. With numerous new media outlets, candidates and parties have to maintain consistent platform rhetoric at all times in order to be able to accomplish their agenda. By looking into political awareness, party separation and persuasion, it is clear that candidates have a direct effect on the public’s political decisions. The way the electorate votes and the view of candidates have a direct correlation with how and what the candidates say. To win elections, candidates and parties must cater to the ears of the moderately informed to be able to persuade them into whatever agenda that candidate feels is correct. Political figures must also use persuasion techniques to be able shape constituents political behaviors in the way that their party leans. Political rhetoric fuels the decisions made in government and directly affects the lives of every citizen.

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