Essay on Politics And Political Science During College

Essay on Politics And Political Science During College

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Do you enjoy a thrill, like to have authority, or participate in heated debates? If yes, then majoring in political science can turn these interests into an enjoyable career. Politics surround our everyday lives; therefore understanding how politics can be involved with any career is a great asset. Majoring in political science during college improves chances in getting a career dealing with Lawyers, Legal Investigators, and Probation Officers. Established with other social sciences during the nineteenth century, political science is defined as a system of government that analyzes political activity and behavior.
Lawyers are everywhere and over the years the desire to become one has grown, however it is a very competitive field but having the right skills and work ethic it will be a very successful career. The education involved is very tedious; it includes four year bachelor’s degree, then a following three years at graduate school. After finishing grad school a test is issued by the American Bar Association. This process is extremely difficult, long, and expensive and most students do not even pass the final exam. To further their education outside of the school campus it is popular to get an internship at a law office so they can work their way up in the field. Like any other job, the way they work themselves up is through levels. Level one is considered the internship then working in a legal aid clinic, to assist judges, government agencies or legal departments. It is also possible to take additional courses to advance in the field. The education involved in becoming a lawyer has a huge impact of the salary. There is a broad range of salaries, generally lawyers are known to make very high salaries but it depends on many indi...

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...ficers are expected to make an average of fifty three thousand dollars, however employees in urban areas tend to make more (Careers - Probation Officers). The employment of this career is expected to increase up to twenty percent, in addition to the creations of new positions and advancements in the career give potential Probation Officers greater chances of employment ("Probation Officer").
With all the advancements and changes in technology it is important to be educated, however different careers require different majors and even if you may be set on a career it is important to know other possible careers that you can get with that major. Political science can be a great major if you 're interested in federal law based careers. Lawyers, Legal Investigators and Probation Officers are all very different careers but in essence have the same root of politics and law.

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