Politics And Education For Public Schools Essay

Politics And Education For Public Schools Essay

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Politics and Education
Schools throughout the country all share a same goal: to teach students. It should not particularly matter if the school is public, private, charter, et cetera because those schools are built and run for a reason. The unfortunate truth is that not every school in America is able to reach the goal of teaching students. Different students throughout the country learn differently depending on what school they attend. Some may receive an excellent education while others are not so lucky. The government often plays a major role for public schools across the country, however, the education system throughout the United States is still struggling. This particularly includes which groups are able to receive a proper education based on what kind of school a student attends, the location, the teachers union affect on schools, and how parents and students react to the Common Core.
First, one of the issues relating to which groups receiving a better education relates to whether or not private schools are better for students compared to public schools. Private schools are known for offering courses that do not need the approval of the government and also for hiring quality teachers while firing teachers that are not doing a proper job (The Debate Over Education). Public schools, however, receive funding from the government and the courses must receive approval from the state or federal government (The Debate Over Education). While private schools have an advantage, they also have flaws. Private schools require tuition which often makes it difficult for students to attend private schools because they cannot afford the cost. An option for this is a school voucher, but since vouchers are illegal in several states and teach...

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...uality education. That does not mean that every student will receive a quality education. A quality education can depend on whether or not a student can attend a private school versus a public school, a wealthy public school versus a poor school, a school with quality teachers who do their job versus teachers who take advantage of being in a union, and how the Common Core is used. The government is here to help students, but the only groups that are doing well from the government are the one attending wealthy schools who do not require school vouchers and are benefiting from the work of teachers and the Common Core. Students who attend poor schools and are failing to learn due to a teacher not caring or from the poor standards of the Common Core with not benefit at all. Although politics can assist schools in the United States, they cannot assist all of the students.

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