Essay on Politics And Economics : Controversial Topics

Essay on Politics And Economics : Controversial Topics

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Politics and economics are controversial subjects in gaming just as much as they are in the real world. This is because the gaming world, while a form of escapism, reflects real world circumstances. In game worlds issues such as racism, sexism, discrimination and bullying, are all relevant because of their relevancy in the real word. Dealing with these issues in the game world are largely similar to how they are dealt with in real life (). Communities in game get together vote and present the vote to the developers if they want something to change. The video game ‘LambdaMOO’ 1992 is a good example of this. The game developers were not sure how to properly establish the games political and economic system, so they left it to the gaming community to decide through voting, much like a trying pass a bill in the real world (Mayras 2008). However as well as changing the political and economical system in game, gaming communities have also been able to impact factors such as the games exchange model, even if it is a single player game. Recently ‘Dues Ex: Mankind Divided’ a popular single player game released the pricing model of the game and the publishers received serious backlash. The reason for this was there was exclusive content only available for people who preordered the game. Exclusive preordering content, meaning if someone bought the game after release day they wouldn’t be able to get the content that people who preordered received (Call, Whitlock, Voorhees, 2012). The gaming communities came together and united in an attempt to change the pricing model and because of how large the outcry was the publisher changed the model. While this does not always work, if the outcry is large enough the developers will step in address t...

... middle of paper ... your name. When playing with people you do not know online, they do not have your name or know what you look like, all have is your avatar. This form of privacy gives players security when playing a game, it allows them to form a mutual trust with players and makes players feel more comfortable (Jurgelionis et al., 2011). However

Gaming communities are among the most evolving communities online. Gaming communities are powerful and can influence change amongst the gaming industry whether that be the economics and politics in game or in changing the games exchange model. Through the introduction of social media and grouping systems such as clans gamers from all over the world can communication with each other regardless if it is a private or public. It is for reasons why gaming can be considered its own social platform or a 3D Facebook (Fromme et al. 2012, 188).

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