Essay on Politics and Christian Obligation

Essay on Politics and Christian Obligation

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The day we believe we cannot change our world is the day we believe we cannot influence our neighbor; because to influence our neighbor is to influence part of the world. There is an underlying current that politics are not commendable for Christian interaction, and at best it should remain: a law based moral philosophy. I will argue that these positions are in error. Politics are a human endeavor and worthy of interaction by those that hold a Biblical theology. In short, Christians have an obligation to interact in politics.
Those that hold a Biblical theology are those in the church. When I refer to the church I am speaking of all that would pertain to a functioning community or individual that professes submission to Christ Jesus and Biblical scripture. Dietrich Bonhoeffer provides an explanation in his book, The Cost of Discipleship. In short, “the Church or congregation is an articulated organism.” (Bonhoeffer 1959, 252) Christians understand that they are a unique creation of an all knowing and powerful God in three persons; a triune God. The church lives in community with humankind and this God.
This is better explained when one understands God’s character. God has an insatiable desire to know His creation, the human being. Much like a parent yearns to interact with their developing child, so God enjoys continual interaction with humankind. The child images the parent in a way like humankind images God. To image God, is to be like but not the same. But, much like there is an emotional and spiritual disparity between the child and parent, there is also a disparity between God and humankind. Much like a parent provides protection and direction to their children, so does God to His creation. However, one understands that a ...

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