Essay about The Political Thought Of The American Revolution

Essay about The Political Thought Of The American Revolution

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The fight for change and liberty has been no stranger to this world. Since 2740 BC, over hundreds of revolutions and rebellions have taken place, all of which demanded a reform or a change of some nature. Within the last century many major revolutions have been developing in continents such as Asia and Africa. In the non-fiction book The Political Thought of the American Revolution, written by Clinton Rossiter, Rossiter claims that perhaps modern revolutions, such as these in Asia and Africa, have deviated far from the core foundations of the American Revolution. In this book, Rossiter conveys that the American Revolution was the first revolution to have success from breaking away from another country and government. He believes that many revolutions beyond the American Revolution sought after the same success the Americans had when defeating the British, and based their political thought on America’s political thought. Rossiter wrote The Political Thought of the American Revolution to reiterate the political values and the basis of the American thought during the Revolutions, in hopes that it could be useful to modern revolutionaries, or at least aid in the understanding of the american revolutionary mindset that led the country to a victory against a dominant world power. Through writing The Political Thought of the American Revolution Rossiter was able to prove his idea that the political thought of America during the American Revolution “has the ring of bother eternity and universality.(Preface, viii).”
The author, Clinton Rossiter, was influenced by his life when writing the book The Political Thought of the American Revolution. Shortly after America entered World War II, Rossiter joined the United States Naval Reserves. He...

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... book could propose an interesting and educational point and further the understanding of not only the American Revolution but also more revolutions that have occurred such as the French Revolution. However, not only could history buffs find it useful but also students in secondary school could put this book to use as well. With its large amounts of primary sources and critical analysis, The Political Thought of the American Revolution would be an apt tool to use in the understanding of the American Revolution.
From The Political Thought of the American Revolution one can take away the idea that Rossiter came with the purpose to inform and educate. He left behind an incredible influence from his credible arguments made in this book, and mapped out a better understanding of how a rookie country’s core ideas blossomed into a politically virtuous home known as America.

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