The Political Theory Of Democracy And Freedom Essay

The Political Theory Of Democracy And Freedom Essay

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Sipan Dehjet
Prof. Queen
Political Theory
6 June 2015
Question #2
Democracy and Freedom
“Give me liberty or give me death!” These were the words uttered by Patrick Henry from a speech he made to Virginia Convention. He wanted the Americans to come together and fight the British for their freedom. Throughout history, many political theorists fought to end social inequality. Karl Marx believed in communism, in which that class war was inevitable and all property must publicly owned where workers are paid according to their abilities and needs. Capitalism, however, argues that a country’s trade in industry should be controlled by private ownership, rather than by the state. Whether its capitalism or communism, political theorist sought to achieve social justice and equality through differences in democracy and freedom.

Marx & Engels argue passionately that as a man becomes aware of himself, the material world causes him to sense increasingly isolated from himself. He held that society can, and will, change when the material conditions are in place to precipitate this change. He accepted that society changed in a series of shifts. An existing form of society would be challenged by another more viable form of society to produce a new phase of society. This phase would then become open to fresh challenges and to similar change itself. Marx held that there were initial phases of society that showed deficiencies and which gave rise to adapted forms of society. The early settlements eventually proved lacking and gave way to feudalism. Feudalism was itself displaced by a bougeoise phase of social organization. From the increasing deficiencies and internal contradictions of bougeoise socie...

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...racy as complete self-rule and complete independence from any outside body.
During the Declaration of Independence, freedom did require democracy. Without democracy, they would have been under Britain’s rule and would not have had freedom. Therefore, for this specific scenario, freedom does require democracy. Democracy can threaten freedom but during the 18th century, as long as they were independence under democracy, freedom wouldn’t have been threatened. The founding fathers’ main concern was self rule under freedom. The democracy they created would not have threated freedom; otherwise, the people would start revolting again. Freedom and democracy do not necessary justify revolution in their natural forms if they are being practiced fairly. However, if after getting freedom the new government starts oppressing the people, a revolution will be justified.

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