Essay about Political Tension and Friction in South Sudan

Essay about Political Tension and Friction in South Sudan

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The newly political tensions are reflected on a direct harm to the South Sudanese general population of South Sudan. The people of South Sudan had suffered the repercussions from these frictions almost instantly causing the death of and rough estimate thousand of South Sudanese and massive migration of their people to seek safety within few of the surrounding countries. The instability affected not only South Sudanese’s people also over 380 United States citizens and 300 other foreign national were force evacuate the country seeking for their safety, during the evacuation operation a total of four United States service member resulted wounded, at the moment just a minimal critical United Stated Embassy personnel remain on the country.
The political differences and frictions came into the open during the summer of 2013. The first scandal came when the incumbent President Kiir dismisses Finance Minister Kosti Manibe and Cabinet Affairs Minister Deng Alor over a multi-million dollar financial scandal, and lifts their immunity from prosecution; near a month later President Kiir dismisses his entire cabinet, including the Vice-President Riek Machar in a power struggle within the governing political party of Sudan People's Liberation Movement, Reik Machar who is considered a likely candidate in 2015 presidential elections.
On 15 December 2014, soldiers loyal to Kiir clashed with soldiers loyal to Machar. Instantly Kiir accused Machar of trying to stage a coup, since then, fighting between the respective groups has spread, with forces loyal to Machar now having seized small but significant pieces of territory. Since then Machar denies any involvement of the staging any military coup instead accuses Kiir of using clashes among soldie...

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