Essay about The Political System Of Germany

Essay about The Political System Of Germany

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In German history there has been many different eras where the political system in Germany has set them on very different courses. In 1990 when the possibility of Germany reunifying after splitting into a Democratic and Communist side was thought possible, there was the question of the past and what had previously happened that led to Germany’s failings after Bismarck and the Nazi German Reich. There are 3 main eras that I believe allow us to look at this Bismarck (1860s-1870s), the world war/Nazi era of 1910 to 1945, and the post war era.
In 1871, Germany was finally a unified nation after 3 wars with Denmark, Austria, and France. The Germany we know today was just many small German states before 1871, Saxony, Bavaria, and Prussia. After a failed German Revolution in 1848, it seemed very unlikely that the German States would ever create their own nation. Under Otto von Bismarck, however, they were able to unify the country by removing Austria’s control of the country as well as fighting their enemy the French. Bismarck’s parliament created the Reichstag, which was a universal suffrage group for the men of Germany. This was where we saw the 3 main parties of Germany start to compete for control, the Liberals, who supported Bismarck, the conservatives, who supported the old way of separate German states and royalty, and the new Center party, which was the catholic party. In the 1870 election Bismarck clearly won the election with 30% of the vote while the other 2 got only 18%.
By 1874, due to certain policies and opposition to Bismarck, the Center party caught up to Bismarck in the polls, by gaining 28% of the vote and Bismarck had 30%. This is also the time we see socialism enter Germany, where their goal...

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...information on each other. In 1961 the East German economy was so bad people began leaving so the Communists built the Berlin Wall so their people would not flee to West Germany. In November 1989 East Germans are now allowed to travel freely through the country. In 1990 elections are held and West and East Germany reunite.
What was different this time as compared to previously was that the Germans were not at war with Europe anymore and they now had a solid consumer market that could lead them into a stable future. This may be the only time since the Weimar republic where Germany was not in despair and their future looked bright. So in conclusion, I found that while these 3 eras did good and bad for Germany, they learned from these past mistakes and moved towards a better nation in 1990 by reunifying after everything that happened between war and political turnover.

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