Essay on The Political System Of Democracy

Essay on The Political System Of Democracy

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The notion of Democracy can be defined as “a political system that permits citizens to play a significant part in the governmental process, usually through the election of key public officials” (Ginsberg, 10). This system of government allows citizens to exercise freedom and equality among themselves when they elect an individual to represent them. These individuals are elected as a proper representative to make a decision which ultimately affects the country and its citizens. Many individuals consider America a prime example of true modern-day Democracy, however, America does this notion actually exist in this country considering the intentions of Founding Fathers, the history of racism and discrimination among the citizens. There are many existing other forms of government besides Democracy, which have flourished through the centuries which include but not limited to Oligarchy, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Dictatorship, and Republic.
Furthermore, an Oligarchy form of government is ruled by a group of individuals, while a Monarchy consists of rule by a king or queen, this style of government exist in the United Kingdom. However, at times the head of the government is referred to as an "emperor," in countries such as China. Another form of government is an Aristocracy, this where the country is ruled by typically wealthy and educated people. Many monarchies have really been ruled by aristocrats. Today, typically, the term "aristocracy" is used negatively to accuse a republic of being dominated by rich people in the society. Another form of government is Dictatorship, this consists of rule by one person or a group of people. A dictator may be one person, such as Castro in Cuba. Lastly, a Republic, this type of government refers to a lit...

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...izen should be able to exercise their right. Not only does democracy do not exist in our past, it does not exist in the future as
If African Americans commit the same crimes as Caucasians and the punishment would be much more severe. When we look at issues with Trayvon Martin, a young man who was murdered and the murderer got away with the crime. If individuals in the Black community had pure democracy in which their voices could be heard in this country perhaps, Martins killing would not get off scotch free. Therefore, this history of racism needs to be addressed and not be left in the past because not only do our youth need to understand that everyone is equally important but adults in this country need to understand that as well. democracy cannot exist in a country if all the members or races do not have the same opportunities or be able to express their thoughts.

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