Political Socialization : Politics And Government

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Political socialization, the process of acquiring the principles of the political culture transmitted from those immersed in it to those who are not, shapes and develops people with their roles and opinions about the politics (Jillson). People go through long and complicated process of incorporating and combining their own thoughts, feelings, and evaluations about the politics which in later provides diversity in political socialization. My political socialization are not built from my parents who usually have the most influence about the politics for their children, but mostly constructed by the environment that surrounds me and the news and posts from online. I was very ignorant about how is the country run. The world of the politics and government seemed complicated and difficult. My parents had no interest in the work of government. Both of my parents rarely watched news or read newspapers, and they hardly voted. Hence, I had no seriousness or value for the politics and government. I assumed that each vote, the one vote that I make will not make a difference in the country. Being a college student in a foreign country took one step closer to the politics and government. I had to know and understand how the United States worked with foreign students. The government held more laws and stricter policies for foreigners. However, as a foreigner, I can only look at what the government does or stands for, I cannot decide or participate. Most importantly, I am not eligible to vote. It appeared to me that my ideologies and viewpoints did not matter, so again, the distance between me and the world of the politics went further apart. I took a Political Typology Quiz on Pew Research Center, and the result came out to be the Next Gener... ... middle of paper ... ...rump Chalk Messages Cause Conflicts on College Campuses” was published. The article stated that throughout the United States, there are students claiming free speech as they write “Trump 2016.” Also, the supporters are adding anti-religion on top of anti-diversity. Some scrawled “Stop Islam” next to “Trump 2016.” Obviously, the supporters do not accept the beliefs of others beside their own. The political party, an organization that are designed to elect government officeholders, that Donald Trump represents is Republican Party (Jillson). The behaviors of Donald Trump’s supporters are in opposition to what I believe in, so does the silence of Donald Trump. The more news about the supporters are published, the more I deny the beliefs of Republican Party. A foreigner myself, I do not feel safe under the supervision of Republican Party, rather dangerous and threatening.
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