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Political Science Final Exam Essay

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1. In your opinion, which ancient political practice, protective or developmental republicanism, has had the greatest impact on our liberal democratic practice?
In my opinion it is clear to see that our liberal democratic practice has something from both protective and developmental republicanism. If I had to choose one of the two I would consider protective republicanism; a political practice where if the people do not participate in political they are ruled by others. It is clear to see that in many recent elections many of the citizens in Canada are not participating in elections; which also means they are not participating in politics, and by doing this they allowed themselves to be dominated by others. Another reason why I think protective republicanism is has had a greater impact is because of lobbying groups that play a major hand in politics to promote and defend their interests. In the book models of democracy we read that a key element in protective republicanism is the presence of social groups that promote as well as defend their interests which in our time can considered to be lobbyists. These where the two reasons why protective republicanism had a larger impact then developmental republicanism; but it’s clear to see that much like in developmental republicanism we also have divisions of power in our political practice with the different branches of government and not balanced power that is in protective republicanism.
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2. What is the difference between Hobbes’ and Locke’s conception of the state of nature, and how does it affect each theorist’s version of the social contract?
Locke believes that state of nature is pre-political but at the same time it is not pre-moral. He believes that everyone i...

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...d I believe that proportional representation would be the most effective system to further the goals of democracy. If we use the single member plurality system we automatically ignore and exclude the voice of the people who didn’t win the election in a first past the post method. On the other hand in the proportional system rather than all seats being given to the party with the most votes every party gets the seats equal to the amount of votes they were able to obtain. This would allow all the people who voted to have their ‘”voice” represented in the government even though the party they voted for did not end up winning the election. This would encourage and engage many citizens to become involved in the political process; who otherwise would be discourage to vote at the fact that even if they vote, if their party loses their vote would be useless.
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