Political Science And International Relations Essay

Political Science And International Relations Essay

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Kawkareik, a small town of Kayin state of Burma, surrounding by Dawna Range, is the place where I was born and had to flee. Civil wars, military rules, and religious conflicts are part of her misfortunes and, for sure, I had witnessed some of her pain. Other portion of my childhood had also associated with the experience of living in Mae Sot district and Nu Poe refugee camp in Thailand before I settled in the United States. When I first arrived to the America, I had observed the difference of societies in term of peace, prosperity, and harmony. How could one nation be so flourishing and another be in a welter? Politic always attracts me and I search solutions through its lens. That motive inspires me to broaden my terrain of knowledge of politics and world affairs. I have a confidence that the combination of Political Science and International Relations would provide me an excellent foundation to study.
One of the motivations that encourage me to study Political Science is my background. I have grown up along with the spirit of supporting the Burmese democratization process. I want to search answers to all the questions and quest the solutions for the conflicts regarding of Burmese political, social, and economical affairs. I actively listen to news of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), VOA (Voice of America), RFA (Radio Free Asia), and DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) and closely pay attention to the Burmese political affairs. Learned from the facts that fear had constrained Burma from its freedom and people to write their own destiny. One of the tools of the military government that generates fear is breaking down the education system by substituting a limited and disciplinary education system that discou...

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... graduate from school. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute peace, harmony and prosperity to the world.
In conclusion, being a Burmese and having a background as a refugee is rather flourishing me than drowning me. Indeed, they are the causes of my love to wisdom and my wish to bring a brighter future for the world. One confidence in my vein that acquiring knowledge of world affairs and politics helps construct a better scope to analyst the conflicts and hopefully it will bring a plausible solution for the world discords. And, my ambition is deepening my knowledge in International Relations at high level as possible at the University. Having the opportunity to study Global Governance, Politics and Security program at American University would be a great chance for me to advance my education in the world affair and set my career path in the academics field.

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