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The Political Party System Essay

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Single-Member Plurality System
A single-member plurality system is defined as an Electoral system that allocates districts in which voters choose a representative based on the candidate with the most votes (Gateways to Democracy). A unique aspect about plurality votes is the fact that they are not necessarily majority votes, they are simply more votes than any other candidate. This single candidate will represent the entire district.
Difficulty arises when these districts are drawn in a bias form, commonly known as gerrymandering. Gerrymandering allows politicians to form districts in their favor or their parties favor. One solution to this problem that this paper will discuss is proportional representation which can alleviate the winner takes all political system which encourages gerrymandering.
In the mean time, the U.S. has a two party political system which has positive and negative attributes to it.
The Good
In a two party system there are two very strong often opposing viewpoints. When these viewpoints are so very different, often times it becomes easier to pick a side to stand on. For example, if you fundamentally believe that abortion is wrong, chances are you will fundamentally choose the political party with your same fundamental beliefs. It is also important to note that, as history will tell us, a two party system is an indiscernible amount better than a one party system, otherwise known as a dictatorship. Two-party systems also allow voters to find which party is at fault for various bad decisions made during a serving term.
The Bad
Despite having some good qualities about it, the two party system in American politics is a very poor way to represent the the american population. As stated earlier, with a two party ...

... middle of paper ... have ended the 2-party system) and could use a major overhaul. It will take a strong uprising by member of both parties which currently are too busy blaming each other for the troubles the country is facing. If Americans are able to get past the great divide the two party system has left them in, chances are very good you will see reform.

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