The Political Parties Of The United States Essay

The Political Parties Of The United States Essay

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One reason why the US have two major political parties, is because the US have separation of our legislative and executive branches. The United States is not a democracy, its a republic. In most democracies of the world the legislator elects a prime minister who is the defacto executive of the country. ( Political Parties are a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office. ( In my opinion, reason we only have two major political parties could be because they are the general idea of how our government should be ran. Think about it, if we had a third political party, and it was a dictatorship. Undoubtedly having a dictator as a leader for America would be a different atmosphere that we as Americans are not used to. The way our government is setup, either having a Democrat or a Republican as a president would benefit us all. It seems to be that way because it was set a long time ago when the Great Depression happened it seemed that the Democrats had the upper hand on American following World War II and the Cold War. After further research I was able to find that those two parties are most chosen because they are there after tragedy happens.
An example could be when the twin towers where stroke by the terrorist. President Bush was there to comfort us Americans. Another example could be the First World War with Democratic President Woodrow Wilson. Most of the time Democratic parties are favored by the lower class of citizens, while Republicans are usually appreciated by the middle to...

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...aving a two-party system is, the two-party system lacks uniformity, keeps government small, and makes cutting government programs more difficult. Also People would have two Options because it comes with two parties, voters will have difficulties in choosing the right politician, hey might need lots of time in choosing the well trusted one. Promote Deadlock and Division, meaning each and every party is always looking for political advantages and office holders that are often underneath a great pressure. The hyper-competitive attitude that is often possessed by a politician will give him or her gridlock in the congress. Lastly, Promoter’s Corruption, corruption is one of the issues that often encounter by bunch of countries today. One of the reasons why the rate of corruption is increasing is due to two party system. (

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