Political Parties During The Great Depression Essay

Political Parties During The Great Depression Essay

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Did you know that in our country, for several years’ people who call themselves Donkeys and Elephants, or Democrats and Republicans, have been fighting for several years? They are both political parties whom try to control the government through winning elections and talking bad about the other. They both have their flaws however the Democrats are better for our country because of, economical issues, who they represent, and on social issues.
First off, economics are very important to our country, and need to be in good standings or else our country eventually will not be able to function. For starters, when our country was in the Great Depression, a Democrat president bailed us out of it, and then Democrats had led the majority for several years after that. However they got blamed for the Cold War among other wars, and so our country went back to voting in a majority of republicans. Do you know what party led us into the Great Depression? The Republican party did, and not only did they lead our country right into it, they decided to support big businesses instead of the people. They just made it worst, especially with the president being Hoover. Another president to look at is John Kennedy. He was a Democrat and during his presidency, our economy was at its best. When you look at how our economy did during the presidency of Bush-II and Hoover, those two presidencies were going on during the two worst times for our country, economically. Lastly, where the two parties wish to spend the people’s tax dollars is no exception to the fact that our economics are better under Democrats. Democrats like to spend tax dollars on, roads, schools, Medicare, and infrastructure, which are all important. However the Republicans like to spend it a...

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...social issues, I would say that the Democrats, support the social issues that better support the people.
In conclusion, the Democrats are better for our country than the Republicans, at least when it comes to; economics, who they actually represent, and on social issues. Next time you go to vote for a president keep in mind the past, and what the Republican Party has done to our economy and the Great Depression. Think about the social issues, the Democrats do not generally support the Death Penalty, and the Democrats are more for the people than they are for the big businesses. In the war between donkeys and elephants, who do you think wins? Who do you think will win this coming election? Which party wants to help our economy like it has in the past, or which party wants to hurt our economy like it has in the past, by wanting our country to go to war with Russia?

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