Political Parties Are A Vital Part Of American Society Essay

Political Parties Are A Vital Part Of American Society Essay

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Political parties are a vital part of American Society. The people of those political parties engage in multiple activities to achieve a goal either for themselves or for the citizen that has elected them. The political system is highly complex and at times can be very confusing. The book “Political Parties in American Society” contains a deep analysis of political parties in American Society and the effect it has on modern day society.

The book states that political parties has caused an astronomical growth of bureaucracies. These bureaucracies has caused many interest groups to form. These interest groups that have formed all share different goals and wants but all want action taken by the government to further the society. The interest groups consist of former members form the bureaucratic government and also other citizens of the society. Political parties were formed from the executive branch. Political parties is a group of citizens who run for public office and win through the elections process.

Our society is hased on a two part system. This includes both republicans and democrats. According to Political Parties in American Society, those who affiliate themselves with the democratic party tend to have ideologies from a socialist standpoint and believe that capitalism hurts American Society. Those who affiliate themselves with the republican party are known as having more pro-capitalist and believe that socialism is a burden on American Society. Political Analysts have also drew a political spectrum to help further illustrate the beliefs of the main parties. Those who are liberals or democrats are known as left-wingers and lean towards the left on the political spectrum. Those who identify themselves with t...

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...stem. Though many Americans may become dissatisfied with the two parties from time to time, no one third party can every mathematically win an election, or become as big as the other two parties.

The book I summarized briefly has some comparisons to the textbook. Both of them describe what it is meant to be a Republican and a democrat. Also like the book it shows demographics of the amount of support they had over the last hundred years. Both also have research showing the amount of Americans who identify with one of the two main parties which is very low. The textbook doesn’t go into as much detail as the book did about the third parties. There was actually very little about third parties at all in the textbook. After reading both the textbook and the book, it can be concluded that our society would not be as great a it is today without the two-party system.

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