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Political Parties And Political Politics Essay

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There has been much speculation whether political parties have become too strong in American politics and if that is a good or bad thing. My belief is that political party power in the United States is just about right where I believe that there are some instances where political parties have been in situations where they have too much power and instances where it is moderate. First off, political parties are crucial to our democratic government because it is composed of a group of people that the constituents elect to represent their issues or achieve a common goal. Being part of a group that shares your common interests or goals is more powerful than tackling an issue by your self. It gives you more voice and power in government. Also, political parties are important in the success of the election process and as discussed in class it’s hard to imagine the United States functioning without parties because there has never been a instance where that has been the case.
The reason why I say there have been issues where political parties have been questioned as having too much political power is that it is hard for a third party in the United States to compete with the two main parties that are the Democrats and Republicans. These two parties have garnered so much power of influence where it makes them in sole contention for power in Congress and leaves smaller third parties out of that race for some sort of power. I don’t know if this is plausible but I would like to see another party come into the picture and at least have the opportunity to fairly compete with these two other parties. Also, what we learned in class about the collective action in the electoral process about how groups supply parties with resources such as money...

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...ve been different if the court didn’t use their view on the case to make a decision.
The conflict whether the Supreme Court should not go beyond the text of the Constitution (judicial restraint) and the opposition that believes that the Court should see beyond the text of the constitution and consider the societal implications for its decision (judicial activism) is a on going debate. I believe that the Court should go beyond the text of the constitution and consider the societal implications when making a decision because if they didn’t do that, decisions of the cases of Roe v Wade and Brown v Board of Education would have most likely been different. As society changes with time, new issues in society arises and this calls for a interpretation of the constitution beyond the text and one that considers the societal implications it will have on the present society.

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