The Political Mind By George Lakoff Essay

The Political Mind By George Lakoff Essay

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How an individual frames oneself determines how the audience will view one. During the 2016 presidential debates, speeches, and other media airings of conservative presidential candidates, people who run for president get the chance to frame themselves in the way they want and the audience then unconsciously places its own narratives on them. Donald Trump is one of the Republican presidential candidates running in the election of 2016 and he is one to use framing as a strategy to gain recognition among the other presidential candidates. How does Trump frame himself in order to gain so much popularity? George Lakoff, the author of the book titled The Political Mind, is a cognitive scientist who talks about how issues are framed, and how that controls minds. The 2016 presidential election covers different topics than those of Lakoff’s chapter, including building a wall, banning Muslims from entering the country, putting out watches in Muslims’ neighborhoods, etc. Lakoff calls on people to be more aware. In his chapter, “Anna Nicole on the Brain,” he explains how the addition of narratives completes the structure of an election. In his book, he makes use of the concept “narratives” and reinforces ways that it shapes one’s identity. Narratives are the connections one makes based on the things he or she has seen in the past: stories, events, cliché’s, etc. Lakoff writes about Anna Nicole Smith as a humble woman in Texas, a stripper, a model, the wife of an aging billionaire; people had created endless narratives about her: a gold-digger, a celebrity, an empty-headed one, etc. Lakoff implies that it is a part of human nature and basic rights, to want to discuss what one’s narrative would be like. Narratives have an influence and people ...

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...ause he is straightforward and many people apparently appreciate that. Visibly, people can easily see Donald Trump’s accomplishments as he willingly talks about them to make voters see him as a credible speaker and presidential candidate. The initial question was “How does Trump frame himself to gain so much popularity?” As a businessman, Trump has been using the framing strategy in the presidential campaign of 2016 to redefine his identity as “politician Trump.” This way, he continues to alter people’s narratives about him and distort any bad ones. The fundamental message ties to Lakoff’s message: “You’ll never understand how politics works if you don’t understand Anna Nicole Smith.” Similar to Donald Trump, if citizens do not understand how he is using the framing strategy to influence people to vote for him, they will not understand his campaign for the election.

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