Essay on The Political Issues Of North Korea

Essay on The Political Issues Of North Korea

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The six-party talk consists of the six-formal government which are China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, and the United States who, in fact, have been challenged while some of the countries had to make several compromises to further protect what is right in their own interests. Furthermore, the political issues that arise from North Korea’s radical actions are a matter of great importance, thus they should be discussed by the major countries affect by their nuclear weapons plan. A six-party talk would be the most democratic way of releasing tensions without use of military actions in the international communities.

Lawrence E. Grinter is an author who writes articles and book about international affairs, Northeastern affairs, and the strategies and history of war. In this article, he explains briefly that the six governments have briefly compromise on the issue within the talk to further protect their own interests. North Korea has approached the six-party issue as their main interests as the “Regime Survival”, meaning the survival of the Kim’s family honor and the senior military. Lawrence explains that the long lasted power within Kim’s family,60 years in power, ruined North Korea economy due to mismanagement, corruption, and agricultural drought. Furthermore, Lawrence include the six governments financial stability and crisis that affect other countries. He explains how the issues among between these countries can be difficult to negotiate due to their interests at hand. However, terrorism, war, and homeland attack was used as a reason to negotiate the denuclearization of the nuke which stand important in the six-party talk. Lawrence provides several ideas such as successfully denuclearizing nuclear weapon on North...

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...Korea to be a threat. This leading the situation on the failure to complete the implementation of the United States—North Korea agreement, over the dispute of who will have control over the nuclear weapons. Niksch tells us that the Kim Jon-il included an assertion that the United States should further extend the sequences of their diplomatic relations prior the denuclearization of the nuclear weapons. This meaning the end of the United States threats, such as major reduction of military forces in and around the North Korean peninsula, yet North Korea has moderate annoying policies which involved Bill Clinton, in which he releases two female American from North Korea. However, this raises prospect of renewing the United States and North Korea agreement over the nuclear issues, but any more further negotiations will lead to some daunting obstacles according to Niksch.

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