Political Influence Of The British Empire Essay

Political Influence Of The British Empire Essay

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Throughout all of history, the British Empire has been an integral part to almost every country, whether they were invaded or aided by the British. After the American Revolution, people of other countries realized that their independence was achievable causing a rift in power. The British Empire began its decline from a once great empire and superpower to a smaller country with the need to look to foreign country allies. In the early 1900’s, many British citizens were divided with their ideals. Some believed it was time to adopt the ideal of isolationism and become self-reliant, while others believed England should rely on foreign aid. Joseph Chamberlain, a conservative politician during those times, took it upon himself to become a voice for the people that had similar ideals of isolationism. In his speech, Chamberlain takes advantage of his political influence and speaks out about the British Empire. In that article, Chamberlain’s application of rhetorical strategies calls the people to action towards the policies of isolationism and become the British Empire that they once were.
Chamberlain relies on conventions of balance to persuade the people towards his own ideals and call the people to action towards a better British Empire. To begin his persuasive techniques, Chamberlain tells them to, “think what it means to your power and influence as a country; think what it means to your position among the nations of the world; think what it means to your trade and commerce,” (1903, pg 2). By means of parallelism and his repetition of “think what it means” followed by thought provoking circumstances that would pull towards the need for security in the audience Chamberlain manipulates the audience into thinking that their security is ...

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...ston Churchill, and he was able to get his ideals however changing across through the mediums of his powerful rhetorical techniques in his speeches to call the people to action and create a better British Empire for the citizens. In a time where the country was divided between the ideals of expansionism and isolationism, Chamberlain’s political speech was detrimental toward the decision as to which ideal the country would adopt and if they would become a Little England or a British Empire once more. While years later it is evident that isolationism was not the best thing for the British Empire, Joseph Chamberlain is just one example as to how England affected the world throughout history and continues to affect the world to this day. It is not only England that can affect the world, rather, perhaps just one speech from a man can change the ideals of an entire nation.

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