The Political Environment, Political Structure And Its Functions Essay

The Political Environment, Political Structure And Its Functions Essay

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The comparison will be done four major ways. First, we will look at the overall systems. This will include looking at the political environment, political structure and its functions. The second step we will take is to study the political culture. This process will take us into the process and policy levels to include how political socialization occurs in each country and what are the key agents for socialization in each respectively. Next, we will drive into the interest articulation and aggregation. This paper will accomplish this by giving a description of how this occurs in each country. The fourth step is simply to compare how public policy is crafted in these two countries. Once the four steps have been completed this paper will give a hypothesis of the direction in which they believe each country will head in the future, for better or worse. The hypothesis will include if the country would become more (or less) democratic, if their political cultures will change with increased economic prosperity and how might interest aggregation and public policy creation change in the future?
To start, this paper will start its comparison by taking a look at the overall systems themselves. This will include looking at the political environment, political structure and its functions. India, which is the world 's largest democracy and for better or worse is built to serve a population of billion and a quarter (Darlington, 2014). As it were, the Indian government has three main branches: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Within the Legislative branch there are two elements: the Rajya Sabha (the upper house or also known as the Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (the lower house or also known as the House of the People). The two houses...

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