The Political Ecology Of Disease Essays

The Political Ecology Of Disease Essays

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As individuals who live in the USA, we are prepared with the necessary information about infectious diseases, which are a highly important matter for our health. However, as a developed country, we do not have as many disease outbreaks as the developing societies. Geographers and ecologists, have researched interconnection between geography, political economy and cultural ecology, which all relate to one another and therefore, could be described as ‘political ecology’. More specifically, in the article, “The political ecology of disease as one new focus of medical geography” by Jonathan D. Mayer, the author does an exceptional work in recognizing the main factors and how, throughout time, they have evolved into a new idea for the medical geography department. With this being said, political ecology could be defined as, “the study of the relationships between political, economic and social factors with environmental issues and changes”. The framework proposed about the political ecology of disease we must first gain an understanding of human-environment interactions. Then, it should demonstrate how large-scale social, economic and political influences, help to shape the structures and events that occur in smaller scale, local areas. Disease outbreak researches must be conducted at the micro scale in order to understand the local adaption and the effects that are essential in understanding disease dynamics. For the future to come, the practice of political ecology of disease, must consider one new and intricate framework for the synthesis of many social and environmental causes and consequences of diseases, but also explain and interpret the disease in its societal and environmental frameworks, and keep in mind the importance of eme...

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...lier. Eventually, as more people got bitten, “malaria transmission was facilitated, and there was a notable increase in the occurrence of Malaria in Trinidad.” Moreover, during that period government was encouraging economic development through commercial farming, capital investment, and industrialization. As a result, workers had to spend even more time in their fields, thus exposing themselves to malaria mosquitoes even more. The epidemic of malaria in Trinidad was caused by the combination of such factors as politics, economy, environment, and human behavior, which is exactly an example of a topic of concern of political ecology of diseases.
With the help of the seven topics that were introduced through Dr. Mayer’s article, from ‘Contextual understanding and medical geography’, ‘Disease, politics and power’, to ‘A framework for the political ecology of disease’

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