Essay about Political Dynasty Should be Prohibited in the Philippines

Essay about Political Dynasty Should be Prohibited in the Philippines

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Over the years, many names of the candidates in government elections, both national elections and local elections, have sounded familiar. During elections, well-known surnames are never gone. On the other hand, even though these politicians who seem to have “good” platforms during the campaign period and always tell, as redundant as this may sound, “iaahon ko ang Pilipinas sa kahirapan”, there are really no significant changes in our country during the previous years until now. The things the candidates have said just remain as broken promises. Therefore, political dynasty in the Philippines should be prohibited because it adversely affects the progress of our country.
Actually, many Filipino voters are shading the names in the ballots during elections, not because they know the personality and background of a specific candidate, but rather the surname sounds familiar. Another instance is, they are satisfied with the “catchy” advertisements of these candidates. Our country, the Philippines, has been in a system like this for decades, and it is called the political dynasty. Political dynasty is very evident in our country. During the senatorial campaign and elections last 2013, many names have been controversial. Several candidates have been questioned whether they can be adequate leaders of the country, in spite the fact that they lack experience. However, they have still won the elections because of their effective advertisements, which include an interview of “Why am I voting for (the name of the candidate)?” from the family member or relative who currently holds a position in the Philippine government, or a former politician who has maximized his serving period.
According to an article in the Philippine St...

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