Political Culture Is Broadly Shared Values, Beliefs, And Attitudes Essays

Political Culture Is Broadly Shared Values, Beliefs, And Attitudes Essays

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Political culture is broadly shared values, beliefs, and attitudes about how government and society should function. Gov. Rick Perry speaks supporting strong Texas state government and minimal federal government intervention. Based on Texas’s founding origins, and experiences and orientation toward the marketplace (pro big business), who should participate in government, and the role of government. The three state political culture categories are moralistic, individualistic, and traditionalistic. Texas is a mix of traditionalistic and moralistic according to our textbook. The moralistic New England Puritanism view of the common good, government should promote public good. Individualistic view of government to provide order and protect property with the least amount of interference and bureaucracy. Traditionalistic view of politics engaged in by elite wealthy, well-established families, based on plantation values, tradition and maintaining the status quo and social order.

Perry points out the historical basis for strong Texas State’s rights and minimal federal government intervention. The Tenth Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Perry mentions Stephen F. Austin, low taxes, the strong one-party system, and distain for federal bureaucracy. The idea that Texas does it best and the federal government should butt out. Perry mentions there is too much federal intervention in areas such as unemployment benefits, strings attached to federal funding and recommends rejecting federal funds with these strings attached. Perry mentions this was not the original intent of the framers of the U.S. Cons...

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...address a cause instead of repeatedly dealing with the repercussions. Poorly educated and minority Texans if energized to vote can change the political makeup of Texas, and the demand for services in the future. My GOVT 2305 course pushed minority education and voting. With Texas demographics changing, if voter turnout changes current political powers do not reflect these differences.

I believe in hard work, socially acceptable, lawful behavior, minimal taxes and intervention, and equal treatment. I do not believe in favoritism, big business, PACs, lobbyists at the expense of others, and partisan politics. Religion and politics are personal choices and not for public scrutiny. I value differences in opinions and backgrounds but not at someone else’s expense. I think Texas does somethings right as Gov. Perry stated but not everything. I take a more moderate approach.

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