Political Culture And Its Impact On Society Essay

Political Culture And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Throughout the world there are many diverse political cultures. A political culture is the attitudes, beliefs or practices among a group of likeminded individuals.(Giardino pg. 27) There are different categories that embrace a political culture like an Individualistic, traditionalistic and moralistic. An individualistic culture is one that prefers less government involvement. The traditionalistic culture maintains government as the social and economic hierarchy and does not like change. The moralistic culture favors public good and it revolves around social issues. Demographics such as population size, growth, distribution and diversity among other factors are what shape its political culture.
Political culture affects everyone in a democracy. It relates to everyday needs such as goods, food and economic trade which are all essential and are parts of how the system functions. Decisions by the public affect societies one lives in especially if it impacts them negatively. In order to govern a society, a politician must be informed, educated and be aware of what its constituents want.
As discussed during class, the political culture that dominates Texas is an Individualistic political culture. Throughout history Texas has lingered beginning in the 18th century. Being ruled under many domains such as Mexico, Spain and France; Texas has been the only state to become a republic in 1836 out of all the United States it was also the only to succeed from the union. The nation was also transitioning from being a conservative to a liberal nation with all the changes progressing. From desegregation to voting rights Texas had to make a change in its political culture. Becoming a republican was a slow growth but eventually it has turned out toda...

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.... For example in our textbook, “Texas was one of the last states to introduce legalized gambling” (Giardino pg. 28) as well as trying to keep minorities out of voting by having poll taxes and white primaries which eventually were abolished. This are key patterns of the conservative ways of Texans. The moralistic culture is one that could be integrated among every state. It involves more of the well-being of society. It has not been seen although since not everyone votes and participates or does not care more of public than say economic issues.
Texas has been a conservative state since early in history. It has undergone many changes. The represented individualistic culture speaks for many Texans who have a view of government as limited and independent of them. Population size, diversity and growth are what makes this state individual and unique from many other states.

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