Essay about Political Conflicts in Mexico

Essay about Political Conflicts in Mexico

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Mexico has endured political conflicts due to differences between liberals and conservatives. The weakness of the country began after the war, which led many to seek modernization of Mexico. The result of seeking modernization was an unwillingness to compromise and settle a constitution that would appease both parties.
The centralist conservatives and federalists liberals debated on what type of government they should create in their country. The other problem was the political bosses known as Caudillos who were affluent individuals holding power over the debate. Although there were many conflicts between the politicians, a constitution was ratified in 1824. The constitution, however, did not solidify the country, leaving Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana to take opportunity of the situation.
Santa Ana had switched from the liberal side to the conservative unlike Anastasio Bustamante and Vicente Guerrero who remained in the conservative and liberal sides, respectively. A revolt broke out in 1832 when Bustamante was becoming more of a dictator. He was thrown out in 1833 by a rebellion led by Santa Ana. After two short-term presidents, Valentin Gomez Farias became president after Santa Ana declined to take office.
Gomez Farias’s presidency was also short due to his failed rapid changes that were not welcomed among the people . The failed presidency gave conservatives the opportunity and reason to start a rebellion against the liberal government, which led Santa Ana to stage a coup against the liberal government. The coup was able to obtain government control under Santa Ana.
During his presidency, Santa Ana imposed Las Siete Leyes to restruct institutions, remove federalism, return power to the political elite, political blueprint of ...

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...greed on what’s best for Mexico in terms of their goals.
Today Mexico continues its disagreement on what’s best for the country and its people. Liberals and conservatives continue a political war with its politics from its current constitution. Today in Mexico, political parties continue their journey to either preserve or modernize its country.  

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