Essay on The Political Compass

Essay on The Political Compass

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After taking “The Political Compass” test, it is interesting to see how I turned out to be more communist and authoritarian than I originally believed. I am a bit disappointed that I turned out to be “less ideological.” This could be a result of the fact that I do not see myself to be an extremist. Extremists are typically unable to share views with other extremists. I can identify with authoritarians more than with libertarians. This exam is able to determine whether someone can identify with libertarians, authoritarians, communists or neo-liberalists. Many of the questions on the exam were very vague, while others were very direct and specific. There are plenty of factors that affect the results of this exam- childhood experiences, age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, influence from your parents and education level.
According to my results, I am “less ideological” than Stalin, Hitler and Ghandi. According to Andrew Heywood, libertarianism gives strict priority to liberty over other values, such as authority, tradition and equality (Heywood, 85). Given that my score was 0.31, I was not surprised. I do believe authority is a major aspect to order in society; however, the power vested upon the authority should not be abused. The role of authority should be to regulate and enforce laws, not make laws. To avoid having a completely authoritarian government, the power should divided among a group of individuals. While every citizen should retain the right to due process, those who are found to be guilty of a crime should be punished. One of the questions on the exam pertained to capital punishment and I believe that if one commits a crime that is horrific, then the punishment should fit the crime. It would seem unjust for a murdere...

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...minate homelessness and minimizing the selfish acts of privately-owned businesses. The goal of any business owner is to maximize their profit, while minimizing costs. However, many individuals fail to realize that privately-owned corporations provide jobs and help the economy. It is important to understand that there must a balance between the private sector and the government. Our country is currently divided on many social issues, including universal healthcare. This is an issue because socialists believe that it will eliminate the inaccessibility of healthcare to the general public, while libertarians are considered to be anti-welfarism.
In conclusion, my results were a culmination of how I believe the government should operate in correlation to my life. While the results were a bit disappointing, they were accurate and this exam provided me with great insight.

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