Political Cartoons : A Political Cartoon Essay

Political Cartoons : A Political Cartoon Essay

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There is a political cartoon that was interesting and can relate to the reality in every person 's life that had asked for loans for college and is going through the process. The pictures show a graduate student is around his 30 's, his expression looks worried instead of happy, and he has a gown and a cap. It appears he is graduating from college, on his left hand he has a diploma that is labeled "debt". A chain is around his waist demonstrating the idea that he is being control. Another thing that was interesting was the big hand that is labeled "Lender" and is holding the chain with a big fist showing power that has on the person.
This political cartoon can relate to the struggles or situation that every person who has graduated to college and has to worry about paying their debt. Clearly the picture shows the expression of the person, worried instead of being happy. The degree that is labeled in the political cartoon is a Master 's Degree which is even a more drastic situation, because master’s degree is the highest degree. A student may most likely be afraid to graduate with a master 's degree since it is very expensive. The chain is very symbolic because it shows the way the a person can be trapped in because of their debt, which is lamentable for a student who wants to achieve many goals in life but has to feel concerned about how they are going to pay their tuition. The big hand is most significant in the picture because not only is it big, it is bigger than the person, showing how the hand, in a way, has the power against the student, making the student feel low and weak compared to the hand. The fist shows the way the "lender" feels about the person, controlling as well as holding the chain tightly to demonstrate the ...

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...er they please to do. Also the hand is bigger than the actual person, which in reality it is impossible for a hand to be bigger than a person. This is just another way of showing the differences between both college student and lender.
As the analysis continues, furthermore, the political will be analyze more in depth and demonstrate the meaning of each significant symbols the political cartoon has and how it affects the people or college students who are graduating and what they expect when they graduate. Some may face struggles why other are still paying for their debt. What is one of the consequences student loan may cause in a person? Is student loan worth it? Is it better to pay college tuition and avoid student loan? This question will be answered as the political cartoon is analyzed in a deeper meaning and the consequences student loan might have in a person.

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