The Political Career of James Madison Essay

The Political Career of James Madison Essay

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James Madison was a very important and famous political leader in the early 1800’s. Although, he may not be as well known as George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, his impact on shaping the U.S. was very significant. Throughout his life, James Madison was always involved in politics within the U.S. After leaving his position as a colonel for the Virginia militia, he was recognized for his writing ability, which became the foundation for shaping his political career (Fritz 21). James Madison was a founding father of the U.S., a father of the Constitution and the fourth President to take office. His lifelong career in politics and government defined his decision making when faced with the major conflict of the War of 1812.
Madison studied Latin, Greek, science, geography, mathematics and philosophy at The College of New Jersey, now Princeton University from 1769 to 1771 (10). In the years after graduating, Madison became part of the Virginia militia. During this time it “may have given James an outlet for his passion of independence,” (16) he was then elected president of the Orange County committee of Safety; whose job was to make sure everyone in the county was loyal to the U.S. This position then kickstarted his career, after being voted a delegate for the Continental Congress at a meeting in Williamsburg, Madison was on his way to Philadelphia. Arriving in March of 1780, serving for many mouths he was disgusted with The Articles of Confederation and when his term was over at the Convention he left to go back to Virginia (24-25).
As Madison had known, the Articles were failing to be an effective implement of Government, Congress then set a new date for a convention to discuss the Articles in May 1787 (Banfield 20). Shays’s...

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...ding nationalism and bringing America together unlike any other president before him.

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