The Political Career Of A Student Essay

The Political Career Of A Student Essay

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Student Offices are used by schools to teach students about leadership while simultaneously taking some of the responsibility for planning away from the school’s staff. It is a great way to teach students how to function in the real world. Student government is similar to real government, there are elected officials all with their own plans to make the place better. Sometimes students end up at odds with each other because of ideas. I have been in these situations on multiple occasions. And i have found that career has almost paralleled the political career of one of our founding fathers. I have found that my time spent as a school officer has had a resemblance to the political career of Alexander Hamilton.
Freshman Year, I was relatively new at school. I had taken some classes at the school before but this year was the first time I was a full-time student. Even though I was new, I was outspoken and I always wore my opinion on my sleeve. I said I wanted to make my school a better place. This is the first similarity I noticed. Hamilton also had similar personality traits. He was known for his loud mouth and fiery debates, this is part of what put him at odds with Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton also was from the West indies, Specifically the island of St. Croix in the bahamas which was ruled by denmark at that time. Even though our country technically did not exist yet he was still see as an outsider because he was not born in the colonies. This was an issue that his opponents brought up against him. Another parallel was how our first position was somewhat of an upset. I ran for class president that year. I beat the previous president who was favored for the position. My opponent had not campaigned very well to be honest. I still honest...

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...the election of 1800. Due to the fact that he had been fired by President Adams and after publishing the scandalous reynolds pamphlet he wasn 't very popular. He was forced to give up his dreams of the presidency. In the end both hamilton and I cut our losses and tried to make things better even though we weren 't able to become President. In my case I’ve joined a different office in an attempt to still make this school a better place. Hamilton decided that he would try to make sure the best candidate was elected in 1800 since he himself could not run.
The main reason I chose to compare my story to hamilton’s is hope. Honestly the loss was a blow to me. I’ve decided to try to take this failure in stride and learn from it. But when I think of Hamilton I realize he still managed to change things for the better and be remembered even though he lost the presidency.

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